Why Tiny Homes?

Families who like to go camping are typically faced with some challenges when it comes to their sleeping and housing options. For one, you can choose to put up a tent. On the positive side, tents are relatively inexpensive, they offer whole lot of nostalgia, and kids love the idea of living inside a portable “fort”. On the other hand, sleeping on the ground is less fun than advertised, you have little to no protection from wind, rain, or the noise coming from the people in the campsite next to yours, and managing a baby inside a tent is next to impossible. Between cribs and food storage and middle-of-the-night potty emergencies, tent camping for young families can be very daunting.

On the other side of the spectrum, campers and RVs offer the comfort that can’t be found in a tent, but they are typically bought with limited choices in finishes, leaving one to look very much like the others.

Roaming Homes can offer the best parts of all these options. Our tiny homes are comfortable, convenient, and look amazing! Because each house is custom designed, it is made to fit the needs of owner. We can adjust the number of beds, modify the layout and complexity of the kitchen, create storage options, offer multiple interior and exterior aesthetics, and even add a bathroom.

In essence, buying a Roaming Home is like building the summer cottage of your dreams and bringing it with you on vacation!